You want to verify your WordPress blog to receive BAT tokens from visitors using Brave browser.

After signing up, you have downloaded the brave-payments-verification plugin as recommended, but when you try to finalize the verification you get the following error:

Your website, was not verified because we could not find the public file at /.well-known/brave-rewards-verifications.txt. Please make sure the file exists and is publicly available.

In this article we see a quick and easy solution to remedy the problem.

The .well-known Folder

First we need to create the content required for verification and make it reachable.

How to do this depends mainly on your hosting service. For example, I use SiteGround, so after reaching the website, I log in with my credentials and click on:

Websites -> Site Tools -> File Management

At this point, we have access to the WordPress folders of our site. We click on the main folder, in my case, and then on public_html.

In here, we create a new folder with the name:

Copy to Clipboard

Inside the newly created folder, we save an empty file, this time named:

Copy to Clipboard

The Verification Code

All that’s left is for us to figure out what we’re going to save within the file we just created.
To do this, let’s go to our WordPress console and click on Settings -> Brave Payments Verification.

If the menu is not visible, it’s because you need to install the plugin and activate it. To do this, again from your site’s WordPress dashboard go to Plugins -> Add New and look for the Brave Payments Verification plugin. Once installed, go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins, and activate the plugin.

If you followed the setup process required by Brave, you will have pasted the verification code into the newly opened page.

copy and paste it into the brave-rewards-verification.txt file.

Now go back to the Brave page and click on Retry Verification: if everything went well, you should have successfully verified your site!

I remind you that the code is visible for the first time on the verification page:


Although there is a dedicated plugin to verify WordPress on Brave, it is not uncommon to find users who fail to finalize the process. In this article, we’ve seen a quick and easy solution to get around the problem and start earning with Brave.